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Ineapple is a complete technology solution organization that specializes in data center, branch connectivity, cloud services, security, collaboration, and overall technology strategy.


Multicast is no longer a technology only used by financial companies to distribute stock prices. Today, multicast is used in WAN, Data Center Interconnect, LAN Fabrics, high performance applications, video and audio distribution and many more. It is crucial to have a solid multicast foundation in your network. We will design and implement multicast solution that best fits your requirements, including rendezvous point redundancy for BiDir or ASM and optimized routing for SSM.

High Availability

Is your network infrastructure redundant? What happens when a link or a device fails? We will review your network infrastructure design and implement any necessary changes to get the best up-time available from your infrastructure.

Wireless LAN

Offering Wi-Fi to your employees and customers is no longer just about a strong signal. Many Wi-Fi solutions exist to give your Wi-Fi more personality like providing custom portals, keeping track of your assets, bandwidth management, user management and many others. We will help you get the most out of your Wi-Fi solution or provide a better alternative.

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